Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

The Material Tab Part 3

Select the transparent model and change the material type from "Standard" to "Physical".

Save your variation and wait for the saving process to complete.

Refresh the page to apply the changes.

If you have exported your model with the transmission set at one, the material type will be automatically set to physical.

To adjust the transparency of the material, follow these steps:

Set the material to "Front".

Tick the transparency box.

Keep the transparency value at one for now.

If you need to make the object even more transparent, you can decrease this value later. For now, we will work with an alpha map.Set the transmission to one.

From this point onwards, you can experiment with different parameters, edit new textures, and replace the current ones until you achieve the desired effect.

Keep in mind that this process can be quite experimental, and good results often come after multiple trials and errors.

For organic objects with transparent and translucent properties it is recommended to segment the model into parts and place the origins at the center of each part, to avoid render order and backfaces appearing first, these conflicts are common with transparent materials.