Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

Importing a model's geometry to the blank scene

Let's begin by importing our model to the scene.

Before we do that, make sure to apply any necessary transforms and ensure that the faces' orientation is set correctly.

Once your model is ready, export it as a .glb file format. Keep in mind that some software, may have limitations when exporting .glb files, and would require the help of plugins to properly export the file and avoid conflicts.Now, let's go back to the editor and click on "File" > "Import."

Locate your exported model and click "Open."

This will load the model inside the scene.If everything looks good, head over to the "Info" tab and save the geometry.

You need to save the geometry every time you make changes to it.

This ensures that all variations and current using the same unique geometry will be updated accordingly.

Once you've saved the geometry, you'll only need to save the variation going forward, unless you make changes to the geometry itself.

After saving the variation, remember to refresh the page.

This step is important because the editor may freeze certain activities, including material display and updating, when modified.With the model now imported and saved, we're ready to start working with materials in the scene.