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Our Solutions

Immersive Virtual Try-On Experience

Exact Size & Fit: Our solution precisely measures  physical aspect ensuring your customers find the perfect fit every time, right in the digital realm.

Live Try-On Experiences: With live try-ons, your customers can experiment with products in real time, just as they would in-store!

AI-Powered Product Recommendations: Our advanced recommendation engine acts as a personal stylist, suggesting products that align seamlessly with their style and preferences.

Your Space Becomes the Showroom

Discover the Power of Spatial XR
Your customers' Spaces become the Showroom.
Elevate your customers' shopping experience to a whole new level with our Spatial XR solution.
Imagine giving your customers the power to effortlessly view all your products in their own space.

Inspect Products in 3D

Elevate Product Experiences with Our 3D Viewer
Our state-of-the-art 3D viewer empowers you to showcase your products like never before. Powered by a supercharged 3D engine, we've redefined 3D modeling to deliver stunning visualizations with upgraded textures, colors, and materials. Your products will shine with unparalleled realism.

Cross Category
Immersive Experiences


3D & VTO
For online shoppers to virtually try on glasses and shades on their own faces and view all details in 3D.

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3D & Spatial AR
Lets online shoppers virtually try on and display designer bags, apparel, accessories, watches, rings, and more.

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iphone shape


Let online shoppers try out any shade of any product in real-time on their own face directly on your product pages and eCommerce app.

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home & furniture

3D & Spatial AR
Helping shoppers accurately gauge style, size, fit, color, and texture and visualize in their own space.

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3D & VTO
Ideal for footwear brands to enable shoppers to virtually try on sneakers, boots, heels, flip flops and more.

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How does Designhubz work?

At Designhubz, we make the process easy for you.
Here's how it works:

1. Digitizing Your Inventory: We take HQ images and clear product dimensions of your physical products and swiftly transform them into stunning 3D and AR models.

2. Integration into Your Platform: Once we've created these captivating digital models, we seamlessly integrate them into your eCommerce platform.

3. Manage with Ease: Our all-in-one 3D Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform puts you in control.
You can manage your assets, track digitization progress, conduct internal quality assurance, and provide feedback to our team.

It's that simple. We turn your physical inventory into a digital shopping experience, making your products more accessible and engaging for your customers.
Designhubz 3D AR VTO automated workflow
Project Kick-off & Task Management
Set up your project workspace, assign tasks, and initiate the automated workflow within our 3D DAM Platform.
Designhubz 3D AR VTO studio editor
Content Creation & Validation
Craft immersive 3D & AR experiences within our Editor, then seamlessly push your work to our 3D DAM Platform for review.
Designhubz QA XR platform
Quality Assurance & Feedback Loop
Thoroughly test the AR and VTO experiences, provide feedback, accept or decline changes, compare versions, and access the project history.
Designhubz admin reporting
Effortless Administration
Access a comprehensive Admin Panel to manage your digitization project and all your users.
Designhubz Virtual tryon ecommerce integration
Seamless Integration
Once satisfied with the digitization, effortlessly push the content to your eCommerce platform with a single click.
Designhubz 3D AR VTO analytics
Performance Insights
Monitor and analyze your conversion rates, views, engagement metrics, and sales in real-time through our Analytics Dashboard.