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Join forces with Designhubz and experience the future with our solution and cross-category immersive journey.At Designhubz, we’re building the infrastructure for immersive and interactive XR content creation & publishing.

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Why Partner with Designhubz?

Complement your current offering with

Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Cutting-Edge 3D and AR Technology:
We offer state-of-the-art 3D, AR and Virtual-try-on solutions, enabling agencies to stay at the forefront of technology trends. Partnering with us allows you to access and leverage the latest innovations in the field. We pride ourselves on providing Exact Size & Fit, very High Quality Product visualization aka true digital twins.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Enhanced Customer Engagement:
Designhubz's solutions provide immersive and interactive experiences for clients and end-users. By partnering with us, agencies can offer their clients unique and engaging ways to connect with their target audiences, resulting in increased customer engagement and loyalty.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Competitive Advantage:
Partnering with us gives agencies a competitive edge. Offering 3D, AR and VTO capabilities can set agencies apart from their competitors and attract clients looking for innovative and forward-thinking solutions.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Increased Sales and Conversion Rates:
Our technology has a proven track record of boosting sales and conversion rates for clients. Agencies can help their clients achieve higher ROI by incorporating Designhubz's solutions into their strategies.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Customization and Integration:
We understand that each agency and client is unique. The ability to customize and integrate our solutions allows agencies to tailor the technology to meet specific brand and campaign requirements.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Support and Resources:
Designhubz provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, training, and dedicated account managers. We ensure a smooth and successful partnership experience.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Proven Success Stories:
Our case studies and success stories demonstrate the impact of our technology.These real-world examples provide agencies with tangible evidence of the benefits of partnering with Designhubz.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Global Reach:
We have a global presence, agencies can expand their reach and offer international clients access to our innovative technology
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Innovation and Future-Proofing:
You can future-proof our services and adapt to emerging trends and technologies, ensuring you remain relevant and continue to meet the evolving needs of your clients.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Brand Credibility:
Designhubz's reputation and credibility in the industry will enhance your own brand image. Associating with a trusted and innovative technology partne will positively influence client perception.

Turn Online Browsers Into Confident Buyers

With hassle-free virtual try-ons that rise above all online shopping barriers

Spatial 3D & AR

3D & VTO
See-it-in-your-room experience for furniture and home goods, home and bath appliances, apparel, toys, collectibles and more.

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Try-On Eyewear AR

3D & Spatial AR
For online shoppers to virtually try on glasses and shades on their own faces.

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61% of consumers prefer to shop on sites that offer augmented reality shopping
77% of consumers prefer to use augmented reality to view product variations such as colour and style differences
40% increase in conversions reported by brands that have adopted 3D & augmented reality in their online shopping experience

Try-On Footwear AR

3D & Spatial AR
deal for footwear brands to enable shoppers to virtually try-on sneakers, boots, heels, flip flops and more.

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Try-On Makeup AR

Conversion boosting try ons for lipsticks, liners, eyeshadow, foundation, blush and so on.

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