MØY ATELIER is a Scandinavian-inspired British luxury
eyewear company.

Moy atelier Designhubz eyewear virtual try on

The Case Study

The Challenge

Since making its debut in the summer of 2017, MØY ATELIER has gained a strong niche following and a loyal client base for its distinctively unique designs of uncompromising quality.
Known for constantly being one step ahead and actively seeking to maintain a competitive advantage, the brand wanted to enhance its customers’ online purchasing experience by integrating new and advanced technologies.While trying out different styles or seeing how eyeglasses fit is not technically possible in eCommerce, MØY ATELIER knew implementing Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-on technologies would get their customers as close to the full experience as possible, right from their homes.

The Solution

MØY ATELIER partnered with Designhubz to launch 3D & Virtual Try-On experiences, bringing their showroom to life.
Through highly detailed digital twins, online shoppers can virtually try on any pair of MØY ATELIER’s collection in real-time and on any device, giving them the confidence needed to follow through on their purchases while reducing the likelihood of returns.
This immersive and engaging experience provides online shoppers instant access to high-quality 3D & AR visualizations of the products, allowing them to instantly visualize their choices with their exact size and fit, alternate between colors and styles, and finally benefit from Designhubz’ camera-based recommendation engine for a hyper-personalized shopping experience..

The Results

The results are in the numbers: MØY ATELIER witnessed a

103% Increase in conversions
101% Growth in revenues per visit

The seamless addition of Designhubz’s Virtual Try-On to MØY ATELIER’s website increased customer engagement and, buying confidence and, in turn, increased conversions and reduced return rates.This newfound ability to shop MØY ATELIER’s eyewear collection online like never before by instantly interchanging between different frames, shapes, colors, and fits created the compelling and superior customer experience they were looking for.