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Conventional product images and videos are a thing of the past. Your customers want and deserve better.Introducing an all-round 3D & AR commerce solution for brands and retailers.

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Here's How It Works

We follow a straight forward 3D Digitization and integration workflow.
Facilitated by our Software suite.

1 - Digitization
Convert your physical inventory, existing 3D files or HD product images into immersive 3D & AR product views.
2 - Manage and Embed Everywhere
Manage all your 3D & AR assets in our collaborative 3D DAM platform and easily publish across your website, ecommerce app, social media and more.
3 - Analyze Your Success
Track and measure the success of your visualizations with in-depth analytics.
From Views, Interactions, tryon, sales and conversion, you will know everything.

3D & AR digitization made dead simple

At Designhubz we offer 3 digitization techniques so that you can choose one or a combination based on the product categories you’re selling.
end to end digitization

Method #1
Using existing 3D product files

Directly upload existing 3D design files created on any of the design softwares shown here and automatically get ready-to-use 3D/AR visualizations.

These visualizations come with their own 3D web viewer that you can easily embed on your ecommerce website and app or share across the web.

3D file formats supported: All popular formats including but not limited to FBX, OBJ, GLB, USDZ.

Ideal for: Any product category from furniture and appliances to footwear and eyewear, provided you have their existing 3d design files.

Method #2
Convert HD product images into 3D & AR product views

A semi automated workflow to convert static HD images into interactive 3D & AR try-ons or see-it-in-your room visualizations.

Simply upload your HD product images into our XR CMS or share them with our 3D and XR specialists who then leverage our deep learning and computer vision engine to generate hyper-realistic accurate 3D & AR visualizations.

Ideal for: Furniture, home Decor, home appliances and eyewear.

Method #3
Convert physical inventory into ready-to-use 3D & AR visualizations from scratch

To leverage Designhubz, you don’t need to have 3D files, high definition images or any coding and 3D modelling experience.

Our digitization rig scans your physical product across 360 degrees and generates 100% accurate 3D & AR versions in a matter of minutes. Once scanned, these ready-to-use 3D & AR views get automatically imported into your XR CMS account for you to embed and distribute everywhere.

Ideal for: Footwear, bags, apparel and clothing.
platform feature

Easy-to-use, collaborative 3D Digital Asset Management (DAM)

No matter which digitization method you choose, you get access to your very own account of our XR CMS. From there, you can easily view, manage and embed your 3D & AR assets anywhere you want.
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Embed, Share, Distribute
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Code snippet (iframe) for you to copy paste on your website or app
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
URL or link to share across the web
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
Track and Measure Your Success: in-depth analytics for you to track and compare views, clickthrough rates, conversion uplifts and more.

Turn Online Browsers Into Confident Buyers

With hassle-free virtual try-ons that rise above all online shopping barriers

Spatial 3D & AR

3D & VTO
See-it-in-your-room experience for furniture and home goods, home and bath appliances, apparel, toys, collectibles and more.

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Try-On Eyewear AR

3D & Spatial AR
For online shoppers to virtually try on glasses and shades on their own faces.

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61% of consumers prefer to shop on sites that offer augmented reality shopping
77% of consumers prefer to use augmented reality to view product variations such as colour and style differences
40% increase in conversions reported by brands that have adopted 3D & augmented reality in their online shopping experience

Try-On Footwear AR

3D & Spatial AR
deal for footwear brands to enable shoppers to virtually try-on sneakers, boots, heels, flip flops and more.

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Try-On Makeup AR

Conversion boosting try ons for lipsticks, liners, eyeshadow, foundation, blush and so on.

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