Born in the Middle East over 35 years, Tanagra has always been the unique destination for luxury lifestyle, art de vivre, and decorative pieces.

Tanagra Designhubz 3D AR

The Case Study

The Challenge

Tanagra, a luxury lifestyle brand born in the Middle East over 35 years ago, has always been a destination for those seeking to elevate their home decor with art de vivre and decorative pieces.
With a collection of the most renowned luxury and contemporary lifestyle brands that cater to all tastes, Tanagra transforms the home into a journey of self- expression and the perfect gift for any home.

To enhance the customer experience and stay ahead in the digital era, Tanagra sought to disrupt the traditional online shopping experience by partnering with a spatial AR company.
With the help of this technology, customers can visualize how Tanagra's exquisite pieces will look in their homes before making a purchase, inspiring the mind, exciting the heart, and amazing the soul.

The Solution

Tanagra teamed up with Designhubz to convert 500 of their existing inventory previously showcased as 2D images into AR-compatible 3D formats. Designhubz's cutting-edge Spatial AR Technology was then seamlessly integrated into Tanagra's eCommerce platform, allowing customers to experience the beauty and intricate details of each piece before making a purchase.
Designhubz was chosen by Tanagra over other alternatives due to its strong emphasis on high- quality visualization and versatile assets, coupled with the solution’s high scalability in terms of implementation and its proprietary analytics platform; thus making it the superior pick.

The Results

By leveraging advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Tanagra was able to bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping experiences, ultimately leading to an increase in buyer confidence and brand loyalty.
With the help of spatial AR technology, customers can now "try before they buy," allowing them to virtually place true-to-scale 3D models of Tanagra's exquisite pieces in their own space, taking into account size, fit, and style in their decision-making process.
This superior and immersive customer experience powered by the advanced technology offered by Designhubz directly translated into a:

60% Increase in conversions
107% Growth in revenues per visit
8X ROI due to AR

Through this innovative use of technology, Tanagra was able to elevate the customer experience and stay ahead in the digital age, cementing its position as the premier destination for luxury lifestyle, art de vivre, and decorative pieces in the Middle East.