Bags Digitization

Designhubz: the service that accurately digitizes
your collections in 3D.

What do we need from you?

✅ HQ Pictures

Multiple angles are essential for creating detailed and accurate 3D models.
They serve as a reference for the 3D artists to understand the product's geometry, texture, and color variations.

✅ Product Dimensions

Clear Dimensions of the Bag:
Width, Depth, Height
Precise measurements of the bag’s dimensions are essential for creating a 3D model that accurately represents the product's size and shape.
Measurements of the strap length and width are also critical for modeling how the bag can be carried or worn.

Relume Header 1 Component
Header 1
Relume Header 2 Component
Header 2
Relume Header 3 Component
Header 3


For bag products, we can produce around 1000 SKUs per month.

Optional items to help us


Will help the QA quickly gather additional information if needed and verify the accuracy of the 3D model against the product descriptions.

➡️ Grouping / Variations

The Variation/SKU ID is the unique identifier associated to the product variant to be loaded in the 3D experience

What we do not need

❌ The actual Product

You do not need to ship us your entire collection, paying extra and having to deal with logistic.

How do we collaborate?

SKU Collection

We will get all the requirements and start working with our 3D Artist

QA & Approval

Our Internal Team will do a first round of review and hand it over to you for final Approval

E-commerce Deployment

We will then integrate to your website all approved items

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