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Frequently asked questions

Does your system work as a kind of plugging that can be easily integrated into a web store?

Regarding the software integration, YES the plugin can be very easily integrated in any website or app – Cross platform integration and deployment. Regarding product digitization i.e creating the 3D digital assets of the products, we need to explore your platform and the category of products you’re selling. Please share with us the website link and the products you would like to have in AR and we’ll advise accordingly on the best approach. 

How does your system accept files, like .obj? or I have to convert them to USDZ? GLB?

We accept .obj and .fbx and our software automates the conversion. We also accept USDZ   and GLB. P.S: Please send us a sample of the 3D models if you have in order to assess the quality and suitability for AR.

Works with bookmarks like QR to activate WebAR? 

If you’re asking about markers (QR) to activate WebAR. then NO. We do not need markers. Our WebAR tech is marker-less as it automatically detects a flat surface and overlay the digital object on it.

Can these QRs be uploaded to a domain or their own cloud? 

We provide you with iframe or JS inject code to integrate the 3D/AR viewer on your platforms. For android and iOS we provide you with a dedicated plugin.