AI Powered

Discover the future of eyewear shopping with our AI-Powered Showroom.
It analyzes your unique features and preferences to deliver personalized recommendations for the perfect pair of glasses.

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The advantages of integrating our
AI Showroom

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Our advanced algorithms consider factors like skin color, eye shape, face shape, and more to generate accurate suggestions.
It even takes into account texture, material, color, size, shape, and engagement on the site to ensure tailored recommendations.

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Air widget

Straight out of the box, streamlined and straightforward, with minimum customization and quick setup.
Add our widget to your eCommerce website in the form of an external JavaScript file and a custom HTML element with the needed attribute.

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pro widget

Embrace the power of a full SDK integration, tailored to your brand's identity.
Enhanced UI and transition when switching between products and overall UX/UI (buttons placement, add to cart behavior, switching variation transition…)