Eyewear Studio Editor

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Designhubz 3D studio editor

Positioning of Dummies or Empties, and naming conventions

There are 5 types of dummies required to manipulate the eyewear parts inside the editor: 
-the Front dummy named Front 
-the Left Temple dummy named LeftTemple 
-the RightTemple dummy named RightTemple 
-The left tip dummy named Tip
-and the right tip dummy named Tip1 

Every dummy should be placed in the right position.
The naming of dummies is also important, and is recognized by the editor. 
The front should be placed in the middle of the bridge. 
The Left Temple dummy should be placed in the middle of the rotating part of the left hinge so we can manipulate the rotation of the temple. 
Same for the Right temple the LeftTemple and RightTemple dummy will be parented to the Front Frame parts will be parented to the Front dummy too. 
We will then parent the left tip, left temple parts (including rotating hinge and logo) to the LeftTemple dummy.
Similarly, the right tip, right temple parts (including rotating hinge and logo) will be parented to the RightTemple dummy. 

This will help ensure proper control and positioning of these parts within the editor. It is important to use one material ID per part, for example, the material for the frame is M-BlueFrame.
The material for the metallic parts, is M-Metal For organizational purposes, you can use the same name of the material for the meshes that share that material, example the frame can be named M-BlueFrame. 

Multiple items can share the same material, example M-Yellow Temple, in this case the left and right temple can be named M-Yellow Temple and M-Yellow Temple.