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Updating geometry and scaling

When working with variations of a 3D model, you may need to make changes to the geometry, such as modifying the shape, adding parts, or removing them.

As long as the UV mapping stays the same, you can make these changes, and they will be updated automatically for all variations since they share only one geometry.

However, if you modify the UV map, it will break the textures in other variations, and you will have to update the other variation according to the new UV map. 

To update the geometry of a 3D model, you can follow these steps: Export your current model as GLTF by going to File > Export and selecting GLTF as the file format.

All changes applied so far will be included in your exported model. Import the GLTF file to the software and apply the changes you want to make.

For example, if you want to duplicate a missing logo, you can do so and then parent it to the corresponding temple dummy. 

Select everything again and export as GLB or GLTF.

You can replace the current GLTF file with this new one. Go back to the editor and go to Scene > Click Update Geometry. A Merge window will appear. Click Merge. 

You have now updated the geometry.
Go to Info and save the geometry, making sure to exit Calibration mode.
Once the save is done, the update will be visible on all variations.