AI Showroom

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Ai powered ecommerce integration

Introducing the AI Showroom

Welcome to the future of e-commerce.
Introducing Designhubz's AI Showroom Integration Solutions.

At Designhubz, we offer two primary integration options for your e-commerce platform: Air and Pro.

Each solution is designed to cater to different needs and levels of customization.

Let's start with our Air version.
It's our streamlined solution, straight out of the box.
Perfect for those who want a quick setup with minimum customization.With Air, you simply add our widget to your e-commerce website.
This is done through an external JavaScript file and a custom HTML element with the necessary attributes, such as SKU ID and Org ID.
The Air solution offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop widget and requires only minor additional scripting.You can check out our current UX sample option.
And the best part? You can go live on your site the very same day.

Next, we have our Pro version.
This is where you can truly embrace the power of full SDK integration, tailored to your brand's unique identity.
The Pro integration offers maximum control with our VTO SDK.From snapshots, variation selection, mode switches, to recommendations display, the possibilities are vast.
Our SDK is available as a JS/TS npm package, allowing you to build a customized experience that aligns with your brand.

Detailed documentation and instructions can be found on our GitHub repositories here and here.

Compared to the Air integration, the Pro version offers notable UX upgrades, enhanced UI transitions, draggable scrolling areas, and much more.
The estimated time for the Pro integration to go live on your site varies.If implemented by your tech team, it can take around 3-4 weeks.
However, if you choose to have it implemented by Designhubz, we can have it up and running in approximately 2 weeks.
To build the experience and load a product, you'll need both organization and SKU IDs.Here's a sample code on how to use these variables with our SDK.Whether you choose the simplicity of Air or the customization power of Pro, Designhubz is here to revolutionize your e-commerce experience.