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Air Integration: Quick Setup with Minimum Customization

Welcome to the Air Integration tutorial by Designhubz.
Today, we'll guide you through the quick and efficient setup of the Air widget on your e-commerce platform.

The Air version of our integration solution is designed for simplicity and speed. I
t's the perfect choice for those who want to get started immediately with minimum customization.

Let's begin by adding the Air widget to your website.
To integrate the Air widget, you'll need two main components: an external JavaScript file and a custom HTML element.

First, we'll integrate the external JavaScript file. This file contains the necessary scripts to run the Air widget.
Simply paste the provided JavaScript link into the head section of your website's HTML. This will ensure the widget's functionality is loaded when your site is accessed.

Next, we'll add the custom HTML element. This element will determine where and how the Air widget displays on your site.
Insert the custom HTML element in the desired location on your site. Make sure to include the necessary attributes, such as SKU ID and Org ID, for the widget to function correctly.

And there you have it!
Your Air widget is now live and functional.

Let's take a closer look at the sample experience UX provided by the Air solution.
sample UX link.
This is the current UX sample option we offer with our Air solution. As you can see, it's user-friendly and offers a seamless 3D viewing experience for your customers.

With just a few simple steps, you've successfully integrated the Air widget into your e-commerce platform.
Enhance your customer's shopping experience with the power of 3D visualization.