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Pro Integration for React Projects

Welcome to Designhubz's Pro Integration tutorial, tailored specifically for React projects.
Let's explore how to bring the immersive Try-On experience to your React-based e-commerce platform.

React has revolutionized the way we build web applications, and with Designhubz's Pro Integration, you can now seamlessly integrate our 3D, AR, and VTO solutions into your React projects.

To kick things off, let's take a tour of our dedicated GitHub repository for React projects. GitHub.
Here, you'll find the source code, detailed documentation, and everything you need to get started. From installation guides to component usage, it's all at your fingertips.

Now, let's dive into the integration process.
Step 1: Installation
Begin by installing the Designhubz npm package for React. This will add all the necessary components and tools to your project.

Step 2: Importing the Widget
Next, import the Designhubz widget into your desired React component. This will allow you to embed the Try-On experience wherever you see fit.

Step 3: Configuration
Configure the widget by providing the necessary attributes, such as SKU ID and Org ID. This ensures the widget displays the correct products from your inventory.

Step 4: Rendering the Widget
Finally, render the widget within your component. With just a few lines of code, your React project will now offer an immersive 3D shopping experience.

And there you have it! Your React-based e-commerce platform now boasts the cutting-edge Try-On experience from Designhubz.
Watch as your customers engage, interact, and immerse themselves in a shopping experience like no other.

With Designhubz's Pro Integration for React, the future of e-commerce is in your hands.