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Pro Integration: Customization Possibilities with SDK

Welcome to the Pro Integration tutorial by Designhubz.
Dive deep into the world of customization and discover the endless possibilities with our SDK.

The Pro version of our integration solution isn't just about adding a widget; it's about crafting a unique experience tailored to your brand's identity.
With Pro, you're not just integrating; you're innovating.

At the heart of the Pro Integration is our SDK package, designed to offer maximum control and customization.
From snapshots, variation selection, mode switches, to recommendations display, our SDK provides the tools you need to build a unique and immersive shopping experience.

To get started with the Pro Integration, you'll first need to access our comprehensive documentation and instructions.
Our SDK is available as a JS/TS npm package on GitHub.
Here, you'll find detailed guides, code examples, and best practices to help you integrate seamlessly. GitHub.

For those using React, we've got you covered.
Our integration is also developed for React projects, with source code and documentation readily available. link.

For a hands-on experience, check out our live preview. This will give you a clear idea of what's possible with the Pro Integration.

With the Pro Integration and our SDK, the only limit is your imagination. Craft a shopping experience that truly stands out.