Eyewear Studio Editor

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Designhubz 3D studio editor

Importing a model's geometry to the blank scene

Let's import our eyewear model, this will result in unlocking all of the editors features.

Export your model as .glb 
Go back to the editor, click file import and select your model.
Click open. 
The eyewear should load inside the scene, and if set up correctly it should not display any errors. 

The first thing we need once we upload the geometry is to Parse eyewear, so let's go to the eyewear tab and do that.

Now we can calibrate the eyewear over the head, once the eyewear is sitting correctly over we need to Exit Calibration mode.
Go back to the Info tab and save the geometry, anytime you make any changes to the geometry you will need to save it, and it will update on all variations since they share the same unique geometry that we uploaded.

Once the geometry saving is complete, we need to click on the first variation tab and save. You will only need to save the variation from now on unless you make any changes to the geometry.

We are now ready to work with materials.