Eyewear Studio Editor

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Designhubz 3D studio editor

Planning for variations

When working with variations of a 3D eyewear model, it is important to take into consideration that all the variations will share a single geometry inside the editor.
Therefore, it is necessary to plan accordingly. 

Here we can see 3 variations of the same model. frame and temples have a matte material.
One part that stands out in the white variation is the transparent extension of the temple, this part should be modeled as a separate closed mesh, and not to be merged to the rest of the temple such as in this example. (first image).
When working with the black variation we can simply change the material. 
Separate the parts of the model, frame, left and right temples, lenses, hinges and even Logo.
This will allow us to manipulate and rotate the temples, adjust the frame over the nose, similar to a real eyewear.
This will also facilitate the assignment and editing of new materials within the editor. 

It's better to use actual geometry for extra parts and visible geometry inside transparent temples instead of a normal map.
This will not increase the size of the model and will be less heavy than using a normal map.

File size should not exceed 7mb.