Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

The Environment and scene tab

When setting up your environment lighting and mood, the environment map plays a crucial role, especially for transparent objects.

It reveals major aspects of the model that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Always remember to set a background, even a simple one, as it can significantly affect the scene and enhance the model's appearance.

To add a slight shadow to the object, you can use the shadow box.

This works best with baked and opaque objects, and you have the option to choose between two shadow types: simple and soft.In the backdrop settings, you have the option to select an HDRI map from a variety of choices.

Increasing the blur can help you achieve a blurred background effect.

Additionally, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation to align with the mood represented in the reference, which is important for creating the desired mood and atmosphereUnder the ground tab, you can add a mirror effect by increasing its size and opacity.

This can add an interesting reflection element to your scene.

The disk platform sits underneath the object, you can choose a texture from the library add color to the texture if desired.

You can Adjust the diameter of the disk and the tiling of the texture. 

There is an additional element to the disk: the ring, which you can modify by changing its diameter and color, as well as adjusting the height and color.

It's important to note that the disk and ring should only be used with opaque standard material type objects, not with transparent ones.If you have a fully baked and fully lit object, make sure to tick the baked lighting box. copy the combined texture into the emission slot, increase the color to white, and set baked lighting.