Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

The Material Tab Part 2

By default, all the textures exported with the model will be displayed in their corresponding slots in this area.

You can change the color in the color slider to add hue to your current texture

To change or update a texture:Click on your model or mesh part.

Click on "Texture" to add a new texture,.import your texture. you can also remove the current texture by clearing itYou can also copy the current texture by right-clicking on it copy and paste it into another part. 

If you want to replace the color, you can calculate the average color of the texture and replace the color code in another texture slot.

You can copy the material from one part to another.

Now Both items will share the materialTo save the image, right-click on it and click save, and to preview it, control-click on the texture.

You can repeat these steps for any texture maps.