Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

Overview of the Interface

The editor's interface consists of several sections that serve different purposes.

Let's explore each of them:
Located at the top of the interface, the file menu allows you to import and export geometry as needed. It also provides options for editing, undoing, and redoing actions.

Within the project tab, you can find important information about the item you are currently working on. This includes details such as the project name, model name, and variation ID.

You can also view the required measurements and compare them to your current geometry. Additionally, there is an image link to the PDP, 

The save geometry button, the save variation and scene button, the Publish button, as well as an option to create a branch for Ios or Android, since the results often differ from one platform to another, this is in regard to materials and colors, brightness when viewed in AR

The journal tab, located at the bottom section of the interface, displays the progress made within the editor. It also provides error messages that may occur during usage.

You can save and report the journal for review by the developers.

Editing Object Tab:
This is the main section of the editor where you can make various modifications to your model.
Here, you can add materials and textures, change colors, and adjust the lighting and mood

The Material Tab
Here, you can add materials and textures, change colors, you can also add remove or completely replace you model and change the transforms

The Environment Tab:
The environment tab is crucial for adding light to the scene. By adjusting the lighting settings, you can enhance the visibility and appearance of your item.

The Scene Tab:
In the scene tab, you can select specific parts of your model by name. You can also add remove or replace your model similar to the options under Material Tab

By clicking on the green info box, you can access the transform controls. to manipulate an position your model,