Spatial XR Studio Editor

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Spatial XR Studio Editor

Planning for variations

When dealing with different variations of a 3D model, it is important to keep in mind that all of these variations will share a single geometry within the editor.

Therefore, it is crucial to plan accordingly.In the example provided, we can observe two variations of the same model.

Some of these variations can be easily modified by adjusting the color slider to match the reference, while others may require editing of the diffuse texture while retaining the remaining textures, as all variations share the same material properties (e.g., porcelain, glass).

To facilitate the assignment and editing of new materials within the editor, it is recommended to separate the parts of the model or assign different material ids for the parts whenever possible,In certain cases, it is more effective to use actual geometry for carvings and bumps instead of relying solely on a normal map.

This approach will not significantly increase the size of the model if managed properly and will be less resource-intensive compared to using a high-resolution normal map.

Typically, the file size for highly detailed models can reach up to 15 MB, which allows for intricate detailing while maintaining optimal performance.