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Designhubz XR platform 3d DAM

Collaborating with Designhubz for Quality Assurance

You've embarked on the journey of 3D digitization, and now it's time to ensure perfection. Welcome to the collaboration phase with Designhubz.

We have seen in the previous tutorial that you can preview your 3D experiences in the 3D Asset management platform.

Notice the 'In review' status?
This is your quality assurance checkpoint.
It means your product is now ready for you to review and perform your own QA before accepting and distributing to your ecommerce.

Every masterpiece undergoes revisions. Our platform allows you to review 3D models and suggest changes, ensuring they align perfectly with your vision.
Got feedback? It's easy to communicate with our 3D artists. Simply drop your comments, and our team will get to work refining the model.
Open lines of communication are key. Engage directly with our 3D artists and the Designhubz QA team, ensuring clarity and precision in every detail.

Collaboration is the bridge to perfection.
With Designhubz, you're not just getting a 3D model; you're getting a full experience.