Designhubz showcased as one of the top SF based AR companies

As more and more brands adopt AR for their online shopping experience, there's a big question mark around the metrics that need to be tracked to measure it

Designhubz showcased as one of the top SF based AR companies

Featured in: Welp Magazine | As seen on: 01.02.2021

Here at Designhubz, we're constantly driven by our mission to help online brands and retailers transform their online shopping experience with immersive conversion-boosting 3D & AR powered virtual try-ons and visualizations. Naturally, we are thrilled to see that we've been showcased as one of the top SF-based Augmented Reality companies.

As the original feature states, "These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry, but are all exceptional startups and companies well worth a follow." The feature goes on to elaborate that companies featured were handpicked based on exceptional performance in one of the following categories:

  • Innovative idea, route to market and product
  • Exceptional growth and strategy
  • Management
  • Societal impact

What makes Designhubz the best in the AR race?

It's not what we do but how we do it that makes us stand taller than the competition. On the surface, we strongly believe that innovative technologies like AR have the power to connect brands with their customers like never before. That said, from day 1 our approach has always been people-first, where we strive to make our technologies not only empower us humans but also leave a positive impact on society and the environment at large.

Here's a look at what makes our solutions unique and worth the feature on Welp:

1. Digitization that works for all

When it comes to enabling virtual try-ons and visualizations, digitization i.e. creating 3D & AR-ready assets is one of the most crucial considerations for brands and retailers. To make this challenge a no-brainer, we offer 3 different digitization techniques for you to choose from based on your workflow and product category.

Explore our digitization techniques here.

2. Easily manage, distribute and embed anywhere on the web

No matter which digitization method you choose as a brand, you get access to your very own account on our XR CMS. From there, you can easily view, manage and embed all 3D & AR assets across your website, mobile app, social media channels, marketing campaigns and more.

3. One-of-a-kind AI Recommendation Engine

Other than our 3D & AR solutions, we also offer an AI recommendation engine that is unlike any other. Our AI recommendation engine is equipped to detect size, fit and features and accordingly recommend not only the correct size but also styles that similar shoppers have bought in the past. You can learn more about our AI Recommendation Engine here.

4. 3D & AR experiences created with Designhubz works across all browsers and devices

All assets created on Designhubz are automatically compliant with all existing operating systems, browsers and devices. This way anyone across the globe can access and interact with your immersive product buying experience.

Wrapping Up

Want to learn more about our solution or curious to see the results we've driven for top brands and retailers? Schedule a quick demo with us today.

Raya Mehri

Raya Mehri

Designhubz Growth Manager