How is Augmented Reality Used to Improve Customer Experience

The motivation for AR applications in retail stems from the appearance of new digital shoppers,

How is Augmented Reality Used to Improve Customer Experience

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines two distinct elements: the physical realm and the virtual. It provides users with immersive experiences by upgrading the real world with multisensory experiences. The technology actively affects customer experience by allowing people to encounter 3D places and things in real-time.Augmented reality, without any doubt, provides several options for businesses to provide the greatest consumer experience. The motivation for AR applications in retail stems from the appearance of new digital shoppers, technological advancement, a greater emphasis on sustainability, and the contemporary information era.

Augmented Reality and Customer Experience

Try-before-you-buy opportunities

Even when e-commerce sales are surging, purchasers retain some doubt. Before AR, the normal urge to try on items before buying them to determine if they fit well was unsatisfied. With augmented reality, buyers now may visualize the item at any time and from any location. They will have a more positive impression of whatever they decide to purchase. For instance, including AR in a beauty brand’s strategy allows customers to enjoy a virtual makeover. Through the power of AR, shoppers can try out outfits in virtual fitting rooms, which is a handier option than physically trying them.

Providing self-service support

AR creates the opportunity to enable clients to avoid dealing with customer service representatives entirely. After a purchase, several brands use augmented reality to provide self-service assistance. Customers may use an AR app to point their phone at a product and obtain an in-depth self-service overlay. This interface provides customers with resources such as FAQ sites and manuals. They can discover solutions to their pain points, saving them time and freeing up more of the business team's resources. Companies would have fewer customer questions and improved customer satisfaction as customers may fix issues on their own.

Service agents coaching

Human connection is an important aspect of customer service. When exploring items, making a purchase, or filing a complaint, many customers prefer to communicate with a live person. As a result, the training businesses provide their service representatives is important. However, having merely superficial knowledge of product lines is not enough. Staff can only get that level of understanding through hands-on experience. AR apps may provide that experience without requiring a staff person to physically handle each item. They may simulate a real product, allowing corporations to coach and train their employees in a shorter amount of time.

AR user manuals

Following any purchase, customers would be grateful to have businesses assist them in using and maintaining the items bought. Providing this additional support helps to promote brand loyalty and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases. Users manuals were technique brands adopted to promote such assistance. However, with the introduction of augmented reality, businesses can now do much more. Whenever faced with an issue, customers can point their phone at the item they are looking to know more about, and the AR manual will offer them the information they need and explain how they can accomplish their goal.

Interactive packaging

Customers can benefit from the enhanced visual experience of a product's packaging by using augmented reality. They may see eye-catching visuals by just pointing their phone's camera at a product's box. Not only that, but they also have the opportunity to interact more with the products and have a more valuable buying experience when they examine 3D images; they can see product features that they would not have seen if they had not interacted with the product packaging via AR. For example, interactive packaging can convey essential and practical information to users and provide them with some fun facts about the items in the subject.

Karen Abou Jaoude

Karen Abou Jaoude

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