Discover the 6 top brands’ major NFT collaborations and releases

Many of the worldwide leading companies are now on the run to create non-fungible tokens art pieces.

Discover the 6 top brands’ major NFT collaborations and releases

Many of the worldwide leading companies are now on the run to create non-fungible tokens art pieces. Collaborations and releases of NFT works have been everywhere, and this is just the beginning. Back in December 2021, Adidas was able to sell its first-ever NFT for $23 million in Ethereum. The brand is not settling for anything less anymore and is now ready to take on the virtual world. For that, the sportswear manufacturer announced that its next collection, Into the Metaverse, will be merging physical and digital items. In other words, to match, these products will be available on both online platforms and the physical world.

Adidas X Prada NFT collaboration:

On January 20, Adidas and Prada announced a collaboration to launch a first-of-its-kind NFT project. It united fashion, design, and crypto creators to work together on a mosaic digital piece. The luxury house’s Re-Nylon collection, high-end athletic wear made using recyclable materials, inspired this large-scale digital artwork.

People have now submitted their unique anonymized photographs for free and still have full ownership of their art. Out of all submissions, Adidas chose 3000 randomly. Zach Lieberman, a creative coder and digital artist, featured these works in his larger NFT. Adidas and Prada also agreed on adopting the project’s results as their campaign image. Holders of “Into the Metaverse” NFTs by Adidas already guaranteed one-third of the spots. Another 500 spots went to people who failed to mint “Into the Metaverse” in the public sale.

This open-Metaverse NFT project was brought to auction on SuperRare, a marketplace for curated NFT works. 80% of the proceeds went to Slow Factory. Slow Factory is a non-profit organization that prepares historically marginalized individuals to become climate leaders. They do so through regenerative design, narrative change, and open education. The owner of the large-scale digital art Zach Lieberman got 5% of the proceeds, whereas contributors shared 15% of the total amount

Top Brands NFT releases:

Adidas and Prada are not the first two brands to partner up on such projects. Many of the worldwide leading companies in many sectors and fields hopped on the newly emerging phenomenon:

-         Gucci and Superplastic: The two brands joined forces and dropped 10 exclusive NFTs on February 1 as part of their SuperGucci collection. Similarly to Adidas’s “Into the Metaverse”, the collection consists of digital and physical keepsakes.

-         White Castles and Doodle Labs: White Castles, a well-known hamburger restaurant chain, collaborated with Doodle Labs to celebrate its 100th birthday. They created a series of 5,000 NFTs and launched it on the Ethereum blockchain in December 2021.

]A few other major releases that are worth mentioning as well are:

-         Mercedes: The brand chose 5 artists from fashion, architecture, real estate, graphic design, and music to create an NFT inspired by its G-class vehicle line. The NFT was released on January 23 on the digital art online auction platform Nifty Gateway.

-         Lamborghini: Mercedes is not the only brand in the automotive industry to join the NFT space. Lamborghini announced a new collection of NFT entailing 5 digital artworks as well. Interestingly enough, people can only access them through the ownership of real and physical keys.

-         Selfridges: The brand digitally created a unique NFT and is now selling it in its physical store in London. It is currently releasing at least 1,800 between January 28 and March 12. They will be available on multiple virtual platforms and prices will range from £2,000 to over £100,000.

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