Designhubz, now part of the Hardware Club revolution!

As of Monday, 11th May, 2020, Designhubz is officially a member of the prestigious and highly exclusive Hardware Club.

Designhubz, now part of the Hardware Club revolution!

As of Monday, 11th May, 2020, Designhubz is officially a member of the prestigious and highly exclusive Hardware Club.

Over the past 6 years, Hardware Club has helped hardware players scale to new heights. As they rightfully put it, they help "fearless founders tackle hard problems with capital, resources and collaboration.

Naturally, we are super thrilled and feel privileged to announce our acceptance as a member of the club!

Hardware Club in a nutshell

For those in the hardtech space, Hardware Club needs no introduction. Based out of San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo, Hardware Club is a venture capital firm and community that has a proven track record of adding value to its members in every aspect.

With a community-first model, Hardware Clube is the one-stop umbrella under which member entrepreneurs thrive. Their established relationships with key players in supply chain, retail and corporate fosters innovation and adds unparalleled value not only to members, but partners, manufacturers and retailers alike.

We're in good company

As of today, Hardware Club flaunts a robust network of 200+ partners that they've brought together to help members like us scale faster and reach the right people. For us, they are decision makers in retail.

From Amazon to Target and Honda to SoftBank, partners of Hardware Club include the best in the game:

When the screening gets tough, the tough get screened

Now if there's one thing Hardware Club is known for (after their reputation) it's their highly selective screening. At Designhubz, we didn't expect anything less. [

While they attract over 3K applicants a year, their acceptance rate is just under 8%!

So how did Designhubz get selected as a member?"

First, the credit goes to our advanced digitization rigs. Second, we owe it our unstoppable passion to make immersive 3d & AR powered experiences accessible, enjoyable and ROI-driven for retail brands and their customers.

Our digitization rigs stood out to Hardware Club like it did to our current clients like IKEA and JoiGifts for four simple reasons:

Our digitization rigs are fully automated and work straight out-of-the-box making it extremely easy for clients to use them. Simply put, one doesn't need to be a 3D or AR modelling expert or know a single line of code to leverage our rigs.

Our fully automated digitization rigs convert physical products into interactive 3D and AR assets in a matter of minutes. Not days or weeks as is common with other digitization techniques.

Not only do our rigs take care of the conversion or rather creation of 3D & AR views, they also automatically upload these assets into our clients' accounts or asset library on the Designhubz XR platform- ready to be shared or embedded on their websites, apps or social media channels.

We send our rigs to client brands and retailers completely free of cost.

What's next?

At the end of the day, partnerships, whether between startups and venture capitalists, corporations and startups, or within venture firms, are about people." With Hardware Club built on this ethos, here at Designhubz we're extremely pleased and excited to be a part of the club.

As for the next steps, we look forward to building partnerships and real relationships within the community and accelerate how easily brands and retailers can leverage immersive technologies like 3D & Augmented Reality.

That's all for now. If you're eager to check out Designhubz in action or take your sales and shopping experience to the next level, schedule a quick demo here and get access to our portable rigs and the complete Designhubz XR platform."

We'll ride the pandemic out, together!"

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Raya Mehri

Raya Mehri

Designhubz Growth Manager