Designhubz featured in the top 5 global AR Startups

It gives us immense pride and excitement to share that StartUs chose Designhubz as one of the top 5.

Designhubz featured in the top 5 global AR Startups

Featured in: StartUs Insights | As seen on: 01.02.2021

Technology changes everything it touches, and Augmented Reality(AR) is no exception. Today, AR has quickly become mainstream with a landscape of more 2000 global startups and companies. Given the abundance of solutions, StartUs Insights analysed 1274 global startups to handpick the top 5 based on each startup's offerings and maturity.

It gives us immense pride and excitement to share that StartUs chose Designhubz as one of the top 5. On our mission to create the next generation of ecommerce interface for today's consumers and brands, we couldn't be more honoured by this recognition.

What makes Designhubz one of the best 5 global AR startups?

We strongly believe that innovative technologies like AR have the power to connect brands with their customers like never before. We shaped our solution and market approach with exactly that in mind. We want to not only empower our partner brands but also their customers.

Here's a look at what makes our solutions unique and worth the feature on StartUs:

1. Three different digitization techniques

When it comes to enabling virtual try-ons and visualizations, digitization i.e. creating 3D & AR-ready assets is one of the most critical considerations for brands and retailers. At Designhubz, we offer 3 different digitization techniques to make the shift from conventional online product displays to immersive AR buying experience for brands extremely smooth and hassle-free.

Explore our digitization techniques here.

2. Virtual Try-On AR for eyewear, makeup and shoes and Spatial AR for furniture, home goods, appliances and more

We offer two broad categories of AR experiences.

One for virtual try-ons where online shoppers can virtually see how something will look on them. Ideal for makeup products, sunglasses and shoes where shoppers typically have questions around whether something will look good on them.

The second being Spatial AR where shoppers can see products in their own space to gauge size, fit and style. Ideal for furniture, home goods, and bath appliances.

Both types of AR experiences ultimately help boost purchase decisions and shorten purchase paths by empowering shoppers to remove their buying hesitations.

3. Unique state-of-the-art AI Personalization Engine

Our AI Personalization Engine is unlike any other in the market right now. Instead of showing online shoppers cookie-cutter product recommendations, our AI personalization engine is fully integrated with the AR experience. It detects size, fit and style and suggests products that are personalized for each shopper. From recommending the correct size to suggesting what product would look good on them. You can learn more about our AI Recommendation Engine here.

4. 3D & AR shopping that works across all browsers and devices

All assets created on Designhubz are automatically compliant with all existing operating systems, browsers and devices. This way anyone across the globe can access and interact with your immersive product buying experiences on your website, app or social media.

Wrapping Up

Want to learn more about our solution or curious to see the results we've driven for top brands and retailers? Schedule a quick demo with us today.

Raya Mehri

Raya Mehri

Designhubz Growth Manager