How to Choose the Right Company for Eyewear VTO?

Augmented reality and virtual try-on are two new technologies that are set to change the retail and eCommerce industry.

How to Choose the Right Company for Eyewear VTO?


The retail industry has been going through massive changes, with companies turning towards emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual try-on (VTO) to maintain competitiveness and enhance customers’ experiences. One industry that has been very welcoming of AR and VTO is eyewear. Now, more than ever, eyewear brands and retailers are integrating these cutting-edge technologies into their eCommerce platforms to create an immersive experience, thereby increasing buyer confidence and boosting conversion rates.

What is VTO?

Virtual Try-On enables customers to digitally try products, utilizing any device equipped with a camera, such as a mobile device, tablet, and laptop. VTO enables buyers to virtually try on eyewear as they would in-store. So how does it work?

Picture this: you’re sifting through a website and you’re eyeing some models. And yes, shopping can be quite challenging when buying eyewear, especially online. Enter VTO: customers can try on their preferred models as part of a live online experience, using an accurate 3D model that gives them the confidence to evaluate their true size and fit with real-environment lights. The shopping experience is heightened with a high-quality 3D rendition of the models, instant switch between 3D and AR, and more importantly, the possibility of immediate colour and style variations enhanced by a personalized AI recommendation engine.

How can it benefit your business?

Let’s talk numbers. Implementing VTO can help you achieve more than a 58% increase in eCommerce conversions, decrease return rates by up to 50% and increase revenues per visit by more than 47%. Long story short, giving customers a live virtual try-on experience with a myriad of flexible possibilities will, without a doubt, increase buyer confidence, making them three times more likely to buy your products.

Today, most digital devices support augmented reality making virtual try-on solutions more accessible and popular among end-users with 71% of consumers saying they would shop more often if they use AR, and 61% saying they prefer retailers with AR experiences.

As a rich source of data and a paramount tool for enhancing clients' purchasing experience, this technology is proving to be essential in radically progressing and enhancing marketing and sales for companies.

How to choose the right AR and VTO partner?

Quality, Quality, Quality

The ideal partner will use the latest technologies to turn 2D catalogues into high-quality 3D models that accurately display the correct size and fit of eyewear items with high attention to detail, so much so that you might call them ‘True Digital Twins’. Once embedded in any e-commerce platform, these digitized, ready-to-use 3D and AR product visualizations will allow online shoppers to virtually try on any pair of glasses using their device’s camera, and hence enjoy an immersive shopping experience, wherever they are.

Immersive User Experience with Personalized Camera-Based Recommendations

It’s not only about giving online shoppers the possibility to picture the products on themselves, but it’s about delivering a high-quality live try-on experience – lest we forget, without the hassle of using a credit card. The VTO solution should instantly identify users’ faces, providing them with size-fitting glasses based on their automatically detected eye pupillary distance (PD). Furthermore, the chosen solution should offer the flexibility of seamlessly switching between products and testing different color variations. And finally, to add the cherry on top, the best solution will provide style and size suggestions powered by an AI recommendation engine, enabling companies to increase their profits through upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Easy Integration and Fully Customizable Solution

The quality is great and the experience is seamless, but what about the integration? The chosen solution provider should provide a quick and easy integration across all eCommerce platforms.

Furthermore, the solution should be fully customizable depending on company needs and requirements. Having the ability to add various features, customize the UI/X of the solution is just as important as anything else.

It is no question that companies spend ample resources creating their own brand identity and the chosen VTO solution should complement these efforts by enabling them to build their own tailor-made experience.

Content Management Platform

For further credibility and accurate results, the solution provider should give companies and retailers the freedom to use and surf their digitized catalogues on an online platform. Having access to a content management platform will allow companies to leverage an umbrella of data, and view their fully digitized 3D catalogue.

To top it all off, companies should have access to an easy-to-use portal that educates them on the most recent analytics and enables them to track the main KPIs they set to attain their ultimate sales goal and assess the benefits of the solution.


Despite the rising popularity of eyewear eCommerce, brick-and-mortar businesses retain their fundamental advantage: the ability for shoppers to try on their products before purchasing them.

Augmented reality and virtual try-on are two new technologies that are set to change the retail and eCommerce industry. The work that is being done here is pretty transformational. Designhubz is using a customer-centric approach to fully enhance the users’ experience, allowing customers to immerse themselves in an innovative solution. At the end of the day, it’s not just about building a solution, it’s about fully transforming the way users and companies see the retail world by placing AR and VTO at the heart of it.

Keeping up with the latest tech updates is one thing, but making sure they are well-exploited and addressing online shoppers’ concerns is one step closer to success.

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Raya Mehri

Raya Mehri

Designhubz Growth Manager