AR Shopping Is Here To Stay

Learnings: Why brands are rushing to adopt it?

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Enter immersive AR powered shopping experiences

Did you know that ecommerce sales accounted for only 16% of total retail sales in 2019?
In other words, consumers ultimately ended up spending more dollars in-store than online.But this scenario quickly took a swift turn.

Over the past year, ecommerce rapidly escalated to the forefront.

Between homebound consumers spending more time on their devices than ever before and brands pushed to rethink their online shopping experience, the next stage of ecommerce evolution emerged.
face vto
eyewear vto

Powered by AR, virtual try-before-you-buy experiences
quickly became abundantly mainstream

In fact, 38% of the companies leveraging AR today are using it to deliver conversion boosting shopping experiences.
From virtual try-ons for footwear, apparel, makeup and eyewear to see-it-your-space for furniture, home decor and appliances- consumers saw, adopted and loved it all, from the comfort of their homes.

Today, online brands and retailers are seeing a whooping94% uplift in conversions for consumers interacting with AR enabled products. What’s more, 61% of consumers prefer to shop with online brands that offer AR try-ons over those that don’t.

What makes online shoppers actually prefer and engage with AR-enabled try-ons and visualizations?

Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
77% shoppers use AR to preview size, style and colour variations
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
65% use AR to understand product information
Designhubz unique 3d AR capabilities
45% find that AR saves them time while making purchase decisions
When it comes to furniture and home items, see-it-in-your-room experiences make shoppers instantly feel more confident with their online purchases.The option to see exactly how a sofa, table or even bathtub will fit their space and match and look with their interiors automatically addresses all consumer buying objections.

On the other hand, virtual try-on experiences for categories like makeup, eyewear and footwear leave no room for purchase hesitations.After all, seeing how these products will look on your own face and feet respectively, is the ultimate win-win scenario- both for a brand and their consumers.
Screenshot of the applicationEyewear VTO ecommerce experience
beauty platform

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Seeing is Believing

At the end of the day, AR try-ons and visualizations empower online shoppers to make confident purchase decisions.

Brands that leverage this technology can not only capture consumer attention but more importantly speed up the path to purchases, and subsequently drive revenue and long lasting brand loyalty.